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COMPANY — Made in Italy excellence

Our company was founded by Claudio Principi and Fabio Calcabrini in 2005, who combined their extensive experience in EPDM rubber extrusion and plastic molding to establish Prical S.R.L. based in Recanati, in the Marche region, a renowned area for excellence in craftsmanship and industry.

Over the years, we have experienced significant growth, especially in the foreign market, leading to the inauguration of Prical America LLC in Miami in 2017. This strategic hub located in an optimal position ensures fast shipments every day to the United States and Canada.

Our presence in the continent market has further strengthened with several distribution points in Central and South America.

Customer listening, commitment, dedication, talent, and continuous desire for improvement have led us to establish ourselves today as one of the most important and competitive companies in the international market in the field of extrusion and molding of gaskets and accessories, with customers from over 60 countries worldwide.

THE VISION — Sealing is our business

We offer the best technologies and expertise to produce the highest quality products.

We guarantee fast solutions that exceed standards for efficiency, durability and technical characteristics.
We use advanced machinery and modern molding technologies for plastics that make our production process unique and our extrusion lines for rubber of high-performance.

We take care of the entire supply chain in detail and use a specialized in-house workshop dedicated entirely to making molds and dyes. We devote great attention to the customer: design, customization, packaging and delivery, at every single stage we put as much effort as possible.

Thanks to this distinctive ability, we aim to consolidate and increase our presence in Europe in the short term. With the goal of expanding our network and reaching new and important goals, both in the U.S. and worldwide.

THE MISSION - The customer is always at the center

Our experience enables us to ensure a response that is always ready and always suitable for the market. Able to exceed the general standards of performance and endurance.

We strive every day to make our services better and better, our products better and better. We have learned to listen to the needs of the industry and gather all the demands of our customers.

With our high-tech department and efficient team of specialized designers, we are able to handle critical issues, realize solutions quickly and offer expertise in every area. We design dyes and molds in-house, and it is this important step that enables us to speed up processes, deliver without delay, and meet specific needs.

All customer services are handled with the utmost care. Your demands and satisfaction are, every day, our priority.

THE SUSTAINABILITY - Our commitment to the environment.

The items we produce are already one of many solutions for improving locking systems, which is why their performance and efficiency is of paramount importance.

Increasing awareness of climate conditions is pushing us to reduce our impact on the environment and to use resources consciously. That is why we have taken several measures to do so:

• CLEAN ENERGY: We have installed photovoltaic panels to limit energy consumption and reduce emissions.
• ECO PACKAGING: To protect our shipments, we use only environmentally sustainable, 100% recyclable yet durable packaging so that we can guarantee the quality of shipments worldwide. Our suppliers are FSC certified, and the FSC label ensures that the forestry sources from which the raw material is derived (paper, wood, bamboo, cork, viscose…) are managed responsibly, according to strict environmental, social and economic requirements.
• RECYCLING: We recover production waste wherever possible. We avoid dispersing them into the environment and reuse them for other applications.


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