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About us

Prical S.r.l. is a young dynamic company with a great experience in the production of pvc-tpe materials and particulary in the extrusion of EPDM rubber and silicone rubber technical items for specialized industrial sectors.

Italian Manufacturing

Italy is renowed for its manufactures and its mechanical productive activities.
Prical offers the best technologies and competences to realise high-quality products.
We are proud to export this quality all over the world and to be at the service of our customers, with a quick reply to the market demands and superior technical proporties and performances of our products.
The production process is at its best of efficiency and accuracy, thanks to the innovative machinery and high-technology extrusion lines at the core of our factory


Prical Gasket innovation

Prical’s extruded profiles, if requested by customers, can also be produced with:

  • ink jet logos or writings;
  • technical requirements such as groove coverings or metal coverings etc
  • pre-cuts on demand;
  • drainage holes;
  • vulcanized sealed frames;
  • customised packagings.

Prical aims to satisfy its customers offering them always the best solutions. Our R&D department looks for the most innovative materials, designs our dies and moulds in order to realise customised items to fulfill our customers’ needs.
Our company collaborates with the Qualified Testing Laboratories for regular researches on relevant technical standards concerning the different types of gaskets, their use and the main markets.

To show his customers his strenght and competence in organization and effectiveness, in 2015 Prical s.r.l. obtained the certification for Quality Management Systems
according to the ISO 9001 standard.

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ISO 9001 compliance

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